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Let’s start by saying this: forget everything you know about Customer Support. We like to do everything a little bit differently. A little bit geekier. A little bit more our own way. Can you help us provide our clients with the best customer support they have ever seen? You will be providing support for one of our international clients, who range from e-commerce enterprises to high-end consumer electronics companies. In this position, you will be providing support at a distance by answering email tickets, as well as possibly providing support via phone, chat, or possibly social media. The exact details of which client and which forms of support will be required, will be communicated to you before your first interview. Before you even start, we will make sure that you get a complete, and detailed training, to get you started on your way. After that, you’ll have your Operations Manager to help you do your job well, and your Team Lead will be there to make sure you are comfortable and happy in your job.

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