As an Administrative Assistant to the company leadership team, every day will bring something new. Whether it’s putting together a fun event for everyone in the company or driving around town looking for a misdelivered package, you’ll never be bored here. The role isn’t so much about the requirements but the personality and ability to learn. We’re going to throw a lot at you and sometimes you’ll have to run to keep up, but we can guarantee you won’t be put in a box here. We can prove it too - the Administrative Assistant that was in this role before is now an agile coach for a new product we’re working on. We gave her plenty of coaching along the way and training for the new role she saw as the right next step in her development. Pretty cool huh? Our Administrative Assistant needs to be resourceful and able to figure things out on their own. Do you have excellent writing skills and did you notice where we used the wrong “your” above? 🤓Great! Writing and attention to detail are both vital to this role. You will be sending lots of emails to some very important people and customers, so it’s key that they are written well. Well, you’ll be reporting to the President and will be supporting our CEO, our President and, as time permits, some other busy executives. Sometimes managing multiple calendars and all those schedules can feel like juggling, or herding cats, or juggling cats (do not recommend). If this sounds like you, read on!

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