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Are you an experienced support leader who inspires others, thinks creatively and strategically, prioritizes people and customers? Do you have a knack for turning vision and strategy into actionable results? During the expansion stage of the business life cycle, have you steered additional support groups to the next level of excellence? Are you pragmatist with a firm commitment to strategy, execution, and outcomes? We are confident that this role will seem really exciting to you if you said "yes" to any of these questions. As the customer support manager, you will oversee our support engineers as they provide our clients with a great customer experience, reduce their effort, and enable them to swiftly and simply enjoy the benefits of our products. You will join our Development team, which is spread across multiple countries and continent. To facilitate this international teamwork, we would prefer you to live in a time zone between UTC+2 to UTC-7. We are so curious to know which new country will be added to our distributed team map! 🌍

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