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CHIEF OF STAFF TO CEO, REMOTE | $100,000/YEAR ($50/hour)

Are you a masterful organizer and a natural generalist who excels at handling several priorities at once? Are you excited about using your expertise to optimize the operations of a global enterprise software company? Do you want to work with the CEO in a role where you will not simply run errands for senior management? We are an enterprise software company that has unique operating models across all our functions, be it sales, recruitment, engineering, or even simply how we perform our day-to-day work. While other companies like to be stuck in the same gear and operate in a steady-state, we embrace innovation and change. In this role, you will act as a shadow-CEO, attending meetings on the CEO’s behalf, hiring the best talent, optimizing our operations across different functions, and improving our workflows and delivery. You will be exposed to a truly unique way of working, face new challenges, tackle new tasks, and ensure that every part of the company is operating as smoothly as possible.

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