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As a member of our Content Team, you will help create copy that inspires people to take steps toward securing their digital lives, engage with our products, and build an internet where privacy is the default. Our Content Team is rapidly expanding and seeking writers with proven experience in commercial copywriting. You understand the power of persuasive writing, including proven best practices for improving digital marketing conversion, and can adapt your skills to Proton’s unique objectives and brand voice. We prize writers who can quickly grasp difficult technical topics and turn abstract ideas into persuasive, actionable copy. Your writing will be inspirational and help drive conversions and increase clicks. You’ll report into the Head of Content and work with stakeholders throughout the company to identify opportunities, develop strategies, analyze results, and deliver quality copy on tight deadlines. Working at Proton requires a strong understanding of what makes our user community tick. You will be an important voice in the transition to a private internet.

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