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We're looking for an ambitious and entrepreneurial Talent & HR intern to build our Talent & Recruitment Machine and Employer Brand from September/October onwards! With SyncVR Medical it’s our mission to improve healthcare with Virtual/Augmented Reality. Do you want to help build a team that makes an impact on the lives of patients and healthcare professionals all over the world? Do you want to work with the latest XR tech? Do you want to work in our hands-on, crazy creative, and passionate team? Let’s roll!


You'll be the driving force behind the growth of our team, the personal development of our people, and our complete employer brand. You can use your own creative initiatives to do this - possibilities and endless. In this role, you'll be directly working together with our founding team. Ideas will come from you, not from others. This could involve recruiting people on LinkedIn, developing a new plan for personal development, hosting events online, completely redesigning our brand, giving presentations, and setting up next-level marketing campaigns... After one year at SyncVR, you'll also get the opportunity to get a shares package to become a co-owner of SyncVR and you can work from anywhere! Hyped? Keep on reading!

Who are you?

  • You are enthusiastic, creative and entrepreneurial;

  • You are hyped about XR and healthcare;

  • You are hyped about working with people;

  • You are an infinite learner and innovator;

  • You are available for at least 3-4 days a week;

  • You choose this job for a specific reason... Let us know why!

What's in it for you?

You are entering a start-up. This means you get full freedom and responsibility by working on big impactful projects instead of tasks. You determine your own hours, where you work, and how many holidays you need. Within our bootstrapped start-up there is, unfortunately, no internship remuneration (yet), but we cover any travel expenses and of course, provide you with the latest VR headset! The main reason why people join our team is that we all get up in the morning fueled by the idea that we make an impact on people's lives.


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