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We are looking for a fully remote full or part-time Game Designer Intern to turn original medieval fantasy ideas into reality. We’re now expanding our internal team and have a role that will require the applicant to be adaptable, motivated and have an interest/understanding of the field we’re in.

Responsibilities include:

To be successful in this role, you should have some experience with game design and/or on the path towards a degree in the field of game design or similar i.e; Computer Science, Graphic Design, Computer Engineer ect. You must be enthusiastic and determined to take initiatives and be open to learning.

A large part of your work will involve bringing in new ideas, creating and developing the game's mechanics and building prototypes.

Ultimately, you’ll create both functional and appealing features that address our needs and help us grow our game.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • use your creativity to design game features and platforms that engage and capture the imagination of the user

  • organise and plan by detailing every element of game features including the setting, rules, story flow, props, vehicles, character interface and modes of play

  • design high level game economies and ecosystems and work closely with the economic design team to create stable game economies

  • put together a concept documents and use this to convince the development team that the game features are worth proceeding with

  • conduct market research to understand what your target audience wants

  • transform a rough idea into a detailed concept and then implement it

  • write scripts and design storyboards

  • work collaboratively with others, including game developers, artists and programmers on the game

  • make adjustments to the game design specifications to reflect developments as the project moves forward

  • train quality assurance (QA) testers to play the game so they can test it properly

  • assist on the user experience (UX) design of the game, ensuring players have the best experience

  • work alone or within a larger team overseen by a lead designer.

Beneficial (but not necessary) to have some knowledge of the following softwares:

  • Game Engine (Unity 3D, Unreal Engine or another)

  • Microsoft or Google Office Software for documents, spreadsheets & presentations

  • Knowledge on Dynamic Modelling Softwares like Machinations

  • Art software (Like Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator) for a wide assortment of visual design, flowcharting, mind mapping

  • Jira & Bug Tracking Software

  • Scripting Languages & Tools (Python, LUA, C#, Unreal Script, Blueprints)

  • Programming languages C++ and Python are also commonly used

Main Requirements

  • Passion for Game design

  • Understanding of how strategy games work and why people play them

  • Highly motivated and determined individual

  • Team spirit; strong communication skills to collaborate with various stakeholders

  • Excellent time-management and communication skills both verbal

  • Final year student in Design, Computer Science or relevant field

  • Enthusiastic and innovative (proposing new fixes and designs)

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