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We are looking for a passionate, creative, and dedicated French Editor who is keen on becoming part of an industry-leading team. We are looking to hire an experienced Editor who is fluent in Parisian French, an expert in commerce content, and who will be able to help us manage our growing content team. The successful candidate will be expected to create, review and edit multiple pieces of content every week. The French Editor will ensure the quality, consistency, and clarity of the writing that appears on our portfolio of French language websites. The ideal candidate should also have, on hand, a list of trusted and qualified freelance or part-time copywriters, to expedite quality content creation. Furthermore and more importantly, they will ensure that all content pieces are of the highest written quality, and also follow Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices and conform to Google’s User Experience Guidelines. Please note, that while our head office is based in Canada, the French Editor role is remote.

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