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This is a remote position. Are you a Student looking out for an Internship Opportunity, Apply for the MTAB Remote Internships... MTAB Engineers is looking for Digital Marketing Intern who wants to gain industry experience. The candidate is expected to develop, implement, track and optimize our digital marketing campaigns across all the digital channels. The duration of this internship is 3 to 6 months and you will be paid based on your outcomes. As a Digital Marketing Intern your roles and responsibilities will be as follows:

Core Functional Responsibilities:

  • Understand the business environment and the role of a Marketing and Business Development function

  • Perform extensive research on our products and working with the marketing team on a plan.

  • Understand the business environment and the role of a Marketing and Business Development function.

  • Work on projects related to various Marketing activities in the organization such as- Digital Marketing, E-Mail Campaigns, Social Media presence, News Letters, Brand Building, Copywriting, Campaign Management etc.

  • Use theoretical knowledge to bring a fresh perspective to the various Marketing activities.

  • Work with Business heads and Stakeholders and provide support in achieving business goals by leveraging the Marketing and Business Development function.

  • Working with internal teams for new ideas and strategies.

  • Periodic presentation on marketing activities to management and stakeholders to assess new needs and set direction.

  • Monitoring analytics and impact of content developed.

General Responsibilities:

  • Use theoretical knowledge to bring a fresh perspective to the various day to day digital marketing activities

  • Participate in weekly review meetings with various teams.

  • Work with reporting manager, business heads, and internal teams to capture data and present insights on marketing activities to achieve business goals.

  • Helping the marketing team to follow-up and improve the digital marketing strategy.

  • Keep up-to-date with digital marketing trends.

About MTAB Remote Internships: Remote Internships are a 6-24 weeks opportunity designed to develop your professional acumen while you work on critical real-time projects. You are expected to spend 48+ hrs a week. Our team of mentors and industry professionals will guide you through every step of the project for you to gain valuable hands-on exposure. We will teach and guide you to create and communicate work plan reports, allowing you to strengthen your professional resume and skills, while showcasing your work to best position your talents for future opportunities.The outcomes will be features that will have to be delivered every week. Your outcomes will be reviewed and graded by peers and your supervisors. Interns who excel in their project will receive an offer for a full-time job with the company.


If you are someone who has an in-depth knowledge of marketing techniques and social media platforms - then definitely apply.

  • Masters degree specializing in Sales and Marketing from a reputed institute.

  • Good conceptual knowledge in Marketing

  • Willingness to work with a team of experts and follow systems and process

  • Any prior Marketing or Sales internship

  • Enthusiasm to learn and embrace new challenges

  • Must have a Computer, Smartphone and uninterrupted internet connection with noise cancellation headphones


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