Looking to lead a forward-thinking tech team? Are you into building tools that actually ease processes and operation activities? All while working within a global remote community Welcome. We’ve been expecting you. We are a tech-enabled service company that focuses on enabling Design as a service to an entirely new scale. We’re building our in-house DesignOps system that allows our creatives to focus on their design instead of wasting time and energy in never-ending meetings. What does it mean exactly? Think of us as two parts of the same medal. On one side, we have our teams of creatives, they provide amazing design assets and support to big companies on a subscription basis. On the other side, we have our software. We built an in-house collaboration platform to work with our customers. We get seamless and productive remote creative collaboration and project management across the world thanks to features like briefing, project management, staffing, design feedback and asset delivery.

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