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Have you ever felt stuck with maintenance duty of the same old database while the rest of the world is moving forward, innovating, exploring new technologies and leaving you behind? You feel trapped working with outdated tools on repeated tasks that are not challenging or exciting and do not allow you to develop your skills. Amazing 24/7 customer support is part of our DNA, and for that, we need a rockstar support team. This is where you come in. Are you an experienced database professional with deep technical knowledge who enjoys working closely with customers and building relationships? Then this role is for you! DB professionals actively interact with customers and are constantly stimulated by the opportunity to solve database issues across thousands of databases and customer apps. This is not a role for those who don’t like working on challenging problems or want to specialize in a particular kind of DB architecture. Are you excited to deepen your technical knowledge while working closely with Engine Yard customers to consult on and solve their database issues? Apply to join us today!

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