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The intern must be able to work remotely and be responsible for deliverables & timelines given. The intern will be part of the data analytics team handling a wide variety of text data from multiple domains. The intern can expect to work on searching & executing basic Data Analytics hygiene practices across a variety of datasets in the areas of behavioural science & social science. The intern should expect to be challenged to execute & discover new and more efficient methods of data collection and cleaning to assist Data Analysts with their projects. 5 day work weeks with weekly check-in meetings.


  • A keen interest in common affairs in order to use resourcefulnes in collecting and sourcing for primary research data from sources including, but not limited to: traditional publications, forums, & social media.

  • Data scraping & collection using proprietary/publicly available toolsets

  • Use widely available tools such as Excel, SQL, or Python to clean data according to Data Analyst specifications.

  • [Depending on competency] Top-level analysis execution using Analytix-Online Pte Ltd's proprietary DA product HAMI


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Higher NiTec in Electronics & InfoComm Technology

  • Relevant Diploma in Information Technology


  • A general interest in topics ranging from Kpop, to Singapore politics, to the latest food trends

  • A keen interest to learn and understand how the Data Analytics and storytelling process is done with AI and ML techniques

  • Experience with presentations and data visualisation tools.

Learning Outcome & Objective:

  • End-2-end exposure for Data Analysis process

  • Pick up useful and efficient methods of working with tech team when communicating bugs/reports and learning of IT industry best practices for software development


(Optional) AWS Cloud practitioner certificate & course fully paid by Analytix-Online Pte Ltd

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