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Why us? Because nothing feels better than working on the good side of tech. You go to bed knowing that you make the world a better place, and that your talent is aligned with what you believe in. And why you? Because we believe that you, as a Content Designer, can ensure that all of our features and flows are clear, concise and useful. But, above all, that they are always in the best interest of our users. You will work with just one area so that you can thrive and be able to truly collaborate with your teammates: Product Designers, Product Managers, Developers and Researchers. You will also collaborate with other Content Designers to ensure that our messages are aligned and every user gets the same good experience. And… well, we also talk a lot about Britney Spears inside the team, but let’s pretend that didn’t happen. If you are applying for one of our positions outside our office locations and wish to work remotely within your permanent residence CET +/- 2, you can expect the same salary range and the majority of benefits that we have in Spain, Poland, and Italy, plus a budget for travel and integration.

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