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In the world of public health and global well-being, few organizations hold as much influence and responsibility as the World Health Organization (WHO). With a mission to promote good health and well-being, WHO takes on the vital role of guiding and coordinating global efforts to safeguard health, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to attain the highest level of well-being. This blog post dives into a particular initiative by WHO that invites online volunteers to participate in a unique assignment: the designing and layout of a report. While the task may seem technical, its impact on enhancing health outcomes in the Eastern Mediterranean region is profound. Let's explore the details of this assignment, the context behind it, and the opportunities it presents for individuals to contribute their expertise.


Mission and Objectives

The assignment revolves around WHO's commitment to building the capacity of National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAG) in countries within the Eastern Mediterranean region. The goal is clear - to understand the specific needs and areas of improvement for these groups. The report in question contains the findings of this assessment and outlines an improvement plan. Its role is crucial in ensuring the continuous enhancement of NITAG capacity in the region.

The Context

The Eastern Mediterranean region, home to 20 countries, is the focus of this undertaking. The assessment conducted in these countries forms the basis of the report that needs designing. WHO recognizes the power of effective communication and understands that to make a difference, information must be presented in an engaging and appealing manner. This is where the online volunteer, with expertise in graphic design and publication, comes into play.

The Task

The task itself falls under the category of "Art and Design." It involves taking the raw assessment data and findings and translating them into a report that not only conveys information but also captivates its readers. The volunteer will be tasked with creating an appropriate layout, ensuring that the report is not only informative but visually appealing. This is a wonderful opportunity for individuals with a flair for design and a passion for improving global health.

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The requirements for this assignment are clear. WHO is looking for an individual who is an expert in graphic design and publication. Proficiency in the English language is also a must, as the report will reach a diverse audience. It's a chance to combine design skills with a commitment to global health and well-being.


WHO's call for online volunteers to assist in this mission is in line with the values of the United Nations Volunteers program. It is an equal opportunity program that welcomes applications from qualified professionals, emphasizing the importance of diversity, equality, and inclusivity. In a world where discrimination and inequity still exist, WHO and UN Volunteers are taking a stand to promote respect for human rights and individual dignity, without distinction of a person's race, sex, gender identity, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, age, language, social origin, or other status.

How to Apply

If you're inspired by this opportunity to contribute to global health and well-being through the power of design, visit the UN Volunteers website to apply:

In conclusion, this assignment by WHO serves as a shining example of how diverse talents and skills can converge to create positive change in the world. Designing a report may sound like a simple task, but in this context, it becomes a vehicle for information and inspiration. WHO, along with UN Volunteers, invites you to be part of this endeavor, taking a step towards a healthier and more inclusive world. Your expertise in design can help bridge the gap between data and action, and ultimately, it can save lives and improve well-being in the Eastern Mediterranean region and beyond.


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