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To join the team of the mobile application: client account + trading terminal, we are looking for an Android developer. You will work on the Kotlin application development with the team. Support and build a lot of client-server communication using web sockets, rest, push messages, and deep linkages. Our work involves data display, unique views, and a strong focus on security (client data security). We frequently create UI and unit tests. Our goal is to develop the top-tier mobile forex trading app. It ought to be appropriate for both novice and experienced traders. Beginners should be given a clear introduction to finance and markets, while specialists should be given special tools that will give them a competitive advantage over other traders. Simply using the software should make non-traders and bystanders happy because it utilizes all the latest platform features and holds a consistent design with a human in mind. We offer Full relocation package to Cyprus for employees and family. Or you may just work remotely.

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