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We are looking for our first key hire to take responsibility and ownership for strategic projects all around the future development of our company. You will be working eye to eye with the founders and have the autonomy and responsibility to set the tracks for future growth. We are looking for somebody who is well accustomed to his tactical skills while on the verge to build strong strategic capabilities and future leadership capabilities. Somebody who starts with a good base to grow with the trajectory of the company. We know that the below areas could each be filled by an own team and in two years it will be. However, for now, we look for somebody who wants to put skin in the game, roll up their sleeves together with us and drive our growth.

Areas you will work with:

  • Run and support priority projects of the Co-Founders of TextCortex that are a priority for the company - ranging from hiring to product, from daily operations to strategic decisions.

  • Email marketing - Lead our email outreach. We love automation and use anything which makes our current email infrastructure as scaleable as possible.

  • SEO & content marketing- SEO is crucial for ensuring long-term and organic growth and comes very naturally from our roots and our key value proposition. Only if we understand this ourselves we can build and deliver a product that truly generates value.

  • Management of paid budget - Even though, we are strong believers in a long-term SEO driven strategies. Paid ads cannot be forgotten. You will manage our PPC and drive the maximum ROI through rigorous testing.

  • Web Presence - Have a good eye for design and understand what drives value to our communication. We don't want you to hard code a web page, but you should have the mindset to find solutions on how we improve

  • Community & Events - Community building has become a strong growth driver for us. We want to deliver value going beyond and in transfer with the network of people who are using our software.

  • Branding / PR - You will build partnerships and relationships to build some buzz around our hard work.


What you should bring along

  • 1 to 2 years of professional experience, in a growth, product or consulting related role and an aspiration to become a founder

  • Outstanding analytical skills, demonstrated ability to break down complex problems, ability to frame the right questions, objectively analyze and evaluate a problem or issue, and problem-solve including simulating possible outcomes.

  • Growth ownership, show us how your past experiences tie in our early challenges

  • Domain knowledge with previous demonstrated experience in growing SaaS products around SME, Enterprise andcontent software

  • Thirst for growth, you are on the verge from tactician to strategist and want to grow at the same speed the company grows

  • Outstanding writing skills, we are a team of passionate writers ourselves. We see the written word as a key for communicating internally as well as externally, the ability to effectively cause both understanding and action in others without the use of the written word is essential.

  • Ability to execute, you can get things done fast and influence people towards a particular objective.

  • Entrepreneurial mindset to seek opportunities to help with all aspects of the business - act like an owner with the goal to make correct decisions;

  • Fluent in English; All our communications are written and in English.


Benefits & Perks

  • 👨‍💼 Make a difference: At Text Cortex, you get the autonomy to make impactful decisions and drive results responsibility. You'll play a crucial role in building out our company and have the potential to take on bigger responsibilities in the future.

  • 🕹️ Skin in the game / shared ownership: We offer a competitive mix of salary and employee stock options to make you a true part of our company.

  • 🙌 Room for Growth: We value an honest feedback culture and try to give everyone a fair room to grow personally and professionally.

  • 🌏 Flexible working: It doesn't matter where, when, and how you work. Getting impactful results is what truly matters.

  • 👯‍♀️ Company retreats: We host regular team events and company retreats to bring everyone together. Team building, aligning our vision, setting objectives, and celebrating wins is our key to direct this rocket straight to the moon.

If you want to stand out introduce to ideal target customer, let us know how to improve our product, or which habit you established to become just a bit better compounding every day.


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