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As our Email Coordination Intern, you work closely to support project managers in client campaign execution. You will learn various ESPs (Email Service Providers), coding, and email best practices in this role. You will receive extensive training to equip you with the knowledge to build skills in the digital marketing space. In this internship, you will engage in experiential learning and receive a comprehensive introduction to a stable yet innovative service in the digital marketing landscape. You will take part in work that makes an impact on the business. You will be more than just an intern. You’ll be part of the Email Marketing team!

DMi’s Email team is a hardworking group that manages major consumer brands' email marketing strategy and execution. We pride ourselves on our ability to strategize and innovate to bring success to our clients and foster a fun working environment. The email team is small but collaboratively tackles mighty challenges.


Evaluate: You will act as one of the many eyes of review on email campaigns. You will also test and measure email campaigns’ effectiveness and accuracy. This includes but is not limited to email code review, copy review, tracking codes, flow/journey setup in client ESP, and email/journey send configuration.

Support: In your internship role, you will have the opportunity to work alongside team leaders to enhance email campaigns. You will be given various tasks that work to reinforce the client's strategy. You will get to see campaigns through with notable contributions throughout the process from start to finish.

Learn: In this role, you will be given the tools to develop a strong foundation of HTML & CSS in email, various ESPs (Email Service Providers), and best practices for each provider. Your responsibility is to absorb this information and apply it to your daily duties.


  • You are preferably a Junior or higher

  • You can work independently and as a team to meet all project deadlines

  • You enjoy learning and appreciate constructive feedback

  • You are detail-oriented

Salary: $15/hour

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