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As an intern with Prologue, you will gain exposure to how design intersects with strategy consulting while building practical skills to advance your career. We offer full or part-time internships with competitive compensation.

What you’ll do for us:

  • Assisting and participating in large-scale projects- from concept to delivery

  • Designing for case studies, presentations, and ad hoc internal studio needs

  • Collaborating with other team members to integrate design thinking and clients' business requirements into final projects

  • Proactively seeking opportunities on client projects and internal initiatives

What we’ll do for you:

  • Provide an opportunity to work alongside large national and international companies and organizations

  • Fill your portfolio with real-world examples of great design

  • Offer an insight into the world of upscale corporate design

  • Kickstart your career into the world of high-end professional communication design

The kind of people we’re looking for:

  • Detail oriented, hard working, self motivated, and proactive

  • Open to instruction and feedback, and eager to offer new ideas

  • Passionate about design, technology, and learning

  • Committed to excellence on all levels of production

  • Able to articulate your role and process on various student projects

  • Able to present a portfolio of excellent design skills

  • A genuine interest in the world of business strategy and societal debates – and how design can bring these concepts to life

  • A lateral thinker who can translate concepts, ideas and arguments into visual language

  • Curious about the inner-workings of massive brand systems and how to operate inside the highest levels of business design

  • Ability to work collaboratively with non-designers to express complex ideas through straight-forward visual language

  • Driven to take your career to new heights

Our internships are offered year-round, and are compensated competitively. We're committed to building rewarding careers for bright, curious and motivated people who want to work at the intersection of business, policy, societal and market trends. If this excites you, let's talk.

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