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AlphaTurtle is the next big NFT analytics tool, built to help NFT investors grow and manage their portfolios successfully. We are looking for passionate Web3 people in first place! If you are familiar with the market and understand and "live" the "Web3 mentality", we will be happy to welcome you to our team!

There is literally nothing more exciting and more fast-growing than the market we entered. Be ready to work with FOMO. Be ready to enter the craziest market out there. LFG.


  • Full responsibility over Twitter as well as Discord community management

  • Full responsibility over community growth --> create FOMO, get new users on board

  • Creating a short-, mid- and longterm strategy for user engagement and user incentivation

  • You will be the first contact point for feature and ideation requests from users, making you partly responsible for correct sourcing and prioritization when it comes to new product features

  • Remote work = independency + delivery


  • You are currently pursuing your bachelors, masters, or are doing a gap year

  • You are excited about new technologies & software and are familiar with the Web3 Space itself, most importantly the connection to NFTs

  • You believe in NFTs - If you do not have a crypto wallet and have not at least tried to buy/ mint an NFT, we do not fit.

  • You proactively make things happen and want to change the way finance teams operate for the better

  • Full working proficiency in English, German language skills are a plus

  • You can deal with stress and sometimes with high-pressure situations


Startup + Web3? Somebody calling it the complete chaos, we call it, the perfect fit. The market, as well as our small startup are highly flexible and vital. Pressure is high, motivation is higher, learning curve the highest. In terms of "compensation" we can offer you:

  • Basic salary

  • Profit sharing while you are working for us

  • Free lifetime access pass for our software startup + Web3? Somebody calling it the complete chaos, we call it, the perfect fit.


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